Methods to Delete Browsing History in Microsoft Edge

By storing user’s browsing data on your hard drive, Microsoft tries to improve its user experience. On daily usage, Microsoft Edge prepares a list of sites you visit and remembers it by forming cookies in your computer. By doing so, Microsoft tends to make a note of most frequent sites visited and creates a shortcut to ease the user from not searching for similar sites again and again.

As soon as you start the Microsoft Edge, it switches to a new window with users most visited websites and creates a timeline for him to access his required sites with ease. But there could be situations where you may have to share your computer with your co-worker or a friend and do not wish to share your Browsed sites due to privacy concerns. Maybe you use your bank website for doing online transitions, and you don’t want to disclose your bank details.

As similar to its competitors, Microsoft Edge is also capable of removing your Browsing history. It is up to the privacy preference that you wish to remove specific sites or the entire list from your browsed sites. So to settle such a problem you can simply delete your Browsing Data which will remove your desired sites from the list or all the data as per your requirement.

Microsoft Edge stores various types of user data which ranges from cached data files, download history, cookies, saved websites, passwords, location permissions and many more details as such to improve on users daily interaction. All such information is stored in the user’s computer hard drive, and some of the data is stored on the cloud to utilize minimum space on the system.

How to remove Browsing History from Settings Menu

There are different ways to remove your Browsing history in Microsoft Edge, but it is the user’s preference to choose from. Follow the steps given below to delete your Browsing History.

  1. Select the “Ellipsis” icon (three dots) on the top right corner of the screen.
  2. Select the “Settings” option from the popped window.
  3. Now scroll down and select “Choose what to clear” from “Clear Browsing Data” option on the list.
  4. Check the different options from the list that you want to remove, like “Passwords,” “Cookies” etc.
  5. After selecting the checkbox, click “Clear.”

By correctly implementing the above steps you will be able to clear your Browsing history with ease.

How to remove Browsing History from History Tab

A user can also delete there browsing history by using the history tab. Many users prefer this method to remove their Browsing History due to its convenient steps. If you want to try this method, follow the given steps:

  1. From the “Settings menu” choose “Hub” icon.
  2. Select “History Tab” from the pop-up window.
  3. Now for the last step, select “Clear all history” option on the top right corner.

All your previous Browsing History will be removed from the Microsoft Edge by going through the steps correctly.

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