How to Repair Apple TV Remote is Not Working

The Apple TV Remote gives better control to operate the Apple TV. The looks and the functions are unquestionably unmatchable. But sometimes the remote shows connectivity problem and stops working properly. There could be several reasons causing the error to occur, but the question arises is, what is the way to fix the problem? Well, yes there are some methods through which the Apple TV Remote can be repaired. So let’s see the methods to repair the Apple TV Remote.

Here’s how to repair the Apple TV Remote is not working

Poorly Charged Remote

Any poorly charged device will lack in its performance. It is possible that your Apple TV Remote is poorly charged and as a consequence, the remote is turning off. Hence you must charge your remote for at least 30-60 minutes with its USB cable. While charging the remote, you must ensure that you are using a wall charger instead of connecting it with a computer system.

Blocking the Signals of Remote

The IR sensor of the remote requires a clear path to reach the Apple TV receiver. Make sure that there is nothing like a chair, bottle, a person or anything is coming in between the remote and the receiver of the TV. If the remote had RF signals, then there would be no such problem. Unfortunately, the TV remotes do not have RF signals, but IR signals to switch between the program broadcastings. You must ensure that the path is clear to transfer the signals from remote to the TV.

Insufficient Range

The remote signal minimizes with the increased distance from TV. Being too away from the TV will definitely affect the signal strength, and hence the remote will appear as lacking in its performance. To keep the remote working, stay in the range since the remote and the Apple TV are connected via Bluetooth, and you already know about Bluetooth signal strength.

Reestablish the Connection between Remote and TV

  1. Put the remote a few inches away from the TV.
  2. Press the Menu and Volume Up buttons for at least 5 seconds.
  3. To complete pairing, place the remote at the top of the TV.
  4. Now, hold the Menu and Right buttons for six seconds.
  5. The Apple TV screen will show the link symbol.
  6. Now press Apple TV Remote to check the response of light on Apple TV unit.
  7. Congratulations, you are already paired with the device.

Alternative Methods

  1. Try to pair the Remote and Apple TV from remote settings.
  2. If you are using the Siri remote, put the remote back into the pairing mode and reset it.
  3. Use the Apple TV Remote to restart the Apple TV. Press Menu and Volume Down button to restart your TV.
  4. Try unplugging the TV for a while and wait for 10 minutes. Now, plug in the TV and check the problem must be resolved. Sometimes, the easy unplug and plug in helps to resolve the problems.

If nothing works then, you must buy to USB-C cord and try to perform the Factory Reset on the TV. Remember, you will need to use iTunes to perform the factory reset on your Apple TV.

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