How to Create and Manage a Facebook Group?

Facebook is a great social media site which has so many features. Facebook group is one of the features through which you can connect with so many peoples in a circle. There is not any set limit of members into the group. You can make a Facebook group form two members to thousands of members. A single person can share his or her thoughts with all of the members of the group by a single post. You can make a group of any community, school and college friends and also for any other purposes. You can also use Facebook groups for selling or advertising something. It depends on how the user handles it.

It is very easy to create a Facebook group by using the below-given steps.

Steps for creating a Facebook group:

  1. Go to the menu.
  2. Click on ‘groups.’
  3. Click on ‘create group.’ You will also get this option by pressing the down drop option.
  4. After that, the page will open where you can give a name to the group, add members, and select privacy.
  5. After filling all these information, just press the create button and your Facebook group is ready for use.

Once the group is created after that, the group owner personalizes it in his own manner. You can set a group photo, cover photo, add a description, and add members, change the name of the group, change privacy. Here is how you can do all of it:

How to name your group?

Name of the group represents the details of the group. For what purpose you are making group give name according to that. The name should be attractive and straightforward so that it is easily searchable and more people can join your group. You can also change the name of the group in ‘Group Setting’ when you want.

How to add members to the group?

On clicking ‘Add Member’ option you can add members from your friend list. You can search the name of the person directly and add into the group. There is also an option of inviting your friends to join your group.

What is group description?

The description is blocked where you can describe your group. You can tell users about the group. You can edit it any time into the ‘Group Setting.’

What are privacy settings?

You can choose the privacy setting of your group according to your needs. It is important to know about the different types of privacy. Privacy defines the type of group. There are mostly three types of options you get into the privacy section, i.e., Open, Closed or Secret.

If you have less than 5000 members, you will be able to change the privacy setting. If it is more than this, then you can only change, open group to closed/secret group and closed group into a secret group. After that, you won’t be able to change the privacy.

How to add Group Cover photo?

This is another feature which describes your group and makes your group looks attractive. Admin can upload and change group photo. At the top, you will get the option of “Upload Photo.”

Now, your group is successfully created, and it is ready for use. You can share information, news, photos, etc. into the group and it will reach all the members of the group.

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