How to Block Windows 10 Firewall Programs?

Recently, Microsoft has been adding some newest features to the Windows system with every new update. As the Windows 10 now comes with some excellent security features as compare to the earlier versions of the software. The only crux of the security feature is the firewall settings form. Sometimes, it might happen that firewall blocks all the favorite application on Windows 10.

However, the integral firewall generally works by fines and blocks out all the malicious apps and also lets the legit apps. Alternatively, in some cases, users might need to take control and also allow their app to go around the firewall.

We suggest that before whitelisting it on the firewall you need to check an app carefully is legit. In this article, we try to provide you several steps which will surely help you to allow or deny certain apps on the Windows 10 Firewall.

Steps to Block Windows 10 Firewall Programs

  1. Launch the Windows Defender Security Center.
  2. Choose Firewall and Network Protection.
  3. Press “Allow an app through Firewall” option.
  4. Hit “Change Settings” tab.
  5. Confirm that you have Administrative Privileges.
  6. Under the menu option, choose an app that you want to allow via the Firewall.
  7. If you want to add manually, then use “Add an App” option.
  8. Choose the type of Network:
  • Private Network; it will allow the app to connect to the internet at home or work only.
  • Public Network; it will allow the app to connect the internet from anywhere, including the Public Wi-Fi hotspots.
  1. Finally, hit on the OK

With the purpose of the blacklist, an app or service all you need to do is uncheck the tick mark against the app. You need to confirm that you deny the network access. This particular feature is very much useful in many ways.

However, the Admin has all the right to make any changes to the individual apps. Essentially, it should imitate all other limited user accounts. Though, it might be a very good way for all the users to easily ban certain applications on your kid’s accounts from gaining any access to the network.

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