How to Use Advanced System Font Changer to Change System Font?

Microsoft is one of the popular companies that is providing amazing programs among the users. There is no doubt, Microsoft is offering some amazing and impressive options to customize the theme, color, etc. among the users there is no user-friendly option to change the font on Windows 10. Besides this, you can also modify the font size by changing the scale, but you are not able to change the default font family. Microsoft comes with Segoe UI font that looks pretty good.

Although, if you do not like this by default font then no need to annoying with this. You can change it easily, or you try another font on your computer system. To do this, you can use a freeware tool that is called Advanced System Font Changer. Using this you can quickly change the default system font, it will work for Windows 10,8, and 7 applies. With the help of Advanced System Font Change, you can change the font size, menu height adjust icon spacing, scroll height, scroll width, caption height and more. Alongside, you are also able to restore the default system font.

Way to Change system font on Windows:-

Using Advanced System Font Changer app, you can change the font of:-

  1. Title bar
  2. Icon
  3. Tooltip
  4. Palette title
  5. Menu
  6. Message box
  • If you want to get this tool, then you need to download this tool first.
  • Then you need to open this portable tool.
  • Now, click on the change in the font option.
  • For example, if you want to change the Title Bar font then click on that option.
  • After that, you need to select a font family, font weight, and font size.
  • Once select the option, you need to click on the Apply button.
  • Then, you need to log off your computer system and then sign in again to see the changes whatever you have done.

It will help you to fill the gap that is created by Microsoft’s decision to discontinue the option of setting the font sizes, because it is specially developed for it. Your system uses it in Windows 10 Creator Update.

We hope that this tool will help you to change your font style as per your choice or requirement. Please apply the above-given steps carefully, if you want to save your time and efforts.

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