August 1, 2018 – Enter Office Key – Office My Account

Microsoft account is necessary for downloading Microsoft Office setup from the web. Also, if one is switching from any OS to Windows, then they require a Microsoft account. Microsoft my account is a platform which allows the users to sign in to services and buy its products, subscriptions, and services.

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With the help of Microsoft my account, users can purchase Office applications; use Skype for video conferencing, make, edit, and share files with Microsoft Office. It is also necessary for accessing OneDrive. OneDrive is a part of Microsoft Office suite, and it allows the users to upload, view, and share their data on the cloud. In addition to this, Xbox users get their game tags and achievements in their Microsoft accounts. With a Microsoft my account, users can access the following:

  • Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook manages personal information, tasks, schedules, calendars, events, contacts, and most importantly, emails. It is equipped with incredible features and comes with the Microsoft Office suite.

  • Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office is a productivity suite which consists of several desktop and web applications such as Word, Excel, etc., and services. It is easy to work on and boosts the productivity of any setting.

  • Skype

Skype is also a part of the newer versions of Microsoft Office. It is a platform for Voice Over Internet Protocol. Users can do video conferencing, instant messaging, share files as well as screens on Skype.

  • Microsoft OneDrive

With Microsoft’s OneDrive, users do not have to worry about the security of their data. Nor do they have to invest in buying hardware devices to store their data. With OneDrive store everything on the cloud.

  • Xbox Live

With Xbox Live, users can not only play games online and also get games on Xbox Live Arcade. They can also make friends and play with them online. They can connect with a large number of other Xbox games.

  • Bing

Bing is a search engine which is owned by Microsoft Corp. The search results are pretty amazing, and users can look for content, images, videos, maps, news, and so much more on this powerful search engine.

  • Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store is a platform where people can purchase products, services, and subscriptions of Microsoft such as Office 365, Office 2016, Office 2013, Office 2010, Office 2007, Surface devices, etc.

  • Windows

Windows is a famous and critically-acclaimed Operating System which was released by Microsoft in 1985. The latest Windows version is Windows 10, and it comes with a digital voice assistant – Cortana.

  • MSN

MSN, short for Microsoft Network, is composed of web apps and contains chat feature, newsgroups, and several forums for people. The news reports in the MSN feed are curated explicitly for the user.

Steps for creating a Microsoft Account

Microsoft my account allows users to access the amazing services offered by the company. For buying Office suite online, one needs to have a Microsoft my account. Here are the steps for creating a Microsoft account:

  1. Go to
  2. Wait for the page to load, and then click on the Create a free Microsoft account link. It will be below the blue Sign In button.
  3. Now, in the Create an account page, you will have to enter the information.
  4. Fill in your first name, last name, user name, password, and then re-enter the same password.
  5. You may also create a new email ID by clicking on the link below user name.
  6. The password is case-sensitive, and it should be at least eight characters long.
  7. Now, in order to get to the next step, you need to enter the Captcha code to verify that you are not a bot. You can select audio or visual captcha. Just enter what is displayed on the screen or what you heard in the audio.
  8. Now, click on the blue button: Create an account. You may go through the Microsoft Services Agreement as well as privacy and cookies statement by clicking on the respective links. Now, go back to your email and open the inbox.
  9. Open the email with the subject: Verify your email address.
  10. Click on the blue Verify “email address” button.
  11. Microsoft my account has been created now.

How to change Microsoft Account password?

If you cannot remember the password for your Microsoft my account, then you will not be able to access your OneDrive, Skype, Xbox, and web apps of Microsoft Office. Therefore, you must change your password to get access to your Microsoft account. Here are the steps for changing the Microsoft my account password:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on Reset Password.
  3. In the Reset Password page, you will be asked to select why you are unable to log in.
  4. The first option will be you have forgotten the password, the second will be that you know the password but are unable to log in, and the third will be that you think somebody other than you is using your Microsoft account.
  5. Click on the appropriate reason and click on the Next button.
  6. Now, in the Recover your account webpage, you need to enter your Microsoft account email, Skype name, or phone number.
  7. After that, enter the captcha code on the same page. Click on the Next button.
  8. Now, check your alternate phone number or the alternate email ID and see if you have received a one-time password. Copy the password.
  9. Paste it in the next window, and create a new password.